Computer Classes
Spring 2006
Call or email for information on any class. (540) 967-5302
I also provide training classes for corporate and other groups. Many types of computer & software training available. Call (540) 967-5302.

I will be teaching a number of computer and digital camera classes for the counties of Louisa and FLuvanna, and the city of Fredericksburg, during the Spring of 2006. Please contact the parks and recreation department in your area for registration information. Web links are provided at the right.

Class content is very flexible and is based in part upon the experience and capability of the registered students. It is possible to make interesting and informative classes with a mixture of new computer users and computer veterans.
Louisa County Parks & Rec
Fluvanna County P&R
Fredericksburg P&R
Overcoming Computer Phobia
If you haven't yet learned the joy of using the computer for fun and business this is a great place to start. Learn to use the mouse and learn to work without the mouse (did you know it was possible?). You'll learn all the basics of using the Windows operating system on a personal computer. Class members will use the computer to write a letter, paint a picture, play games and keep an address book.
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Intermediate / Advanced Microsoft Windows
Sure you've been using Windows for a while now, but do you really know much about it? Access the hidden power of your Windows PC. Learn the secrets of the right-click button and greater customization of Windows. Create automated backups of your data; open any email attachment; improve system performance; learn "secret" keystrokes to do things more quickly and easily; lots more.
Which class is right for you? Give me a call, (540) 967-5302 Beginning Word Beginning Word Write and print a letter using Microsoft Word. Use colors, italics, underlining and bold text. Insert pictures into your letter. Set margins and tabs, use headers and footers, Use the spell checker and thesaurus to improve your writing.
Intermediate Word Make business cards, mailing labels, envelopes, fax cover sheets and other forms. Learn how to use columns and tables in your Word documents to make difficult chores easy. Beautify your documents with frames, WordArt, bulleted lists and other special effects
Advanced Word Customize your Word toolbars to make Word even easier to use. Password protect your documents. Make mass mailings or print envelopes by pulling data from a database or spreadsheet and merge the data into your documents. Stop making the same document again and again, build template files instead. Add a table of contents, index, themes and styles … so many things to do with Word, so little time!
Which class is right for me? Give me a call, (540) 967-5302 Beginning Excel Create simple spreadsheets that will list items with amounts and calculate totals. Save and print your work; Make charts and graphs and use formatting to add color and style to your worksheets. Use simple functions to find maximums, minimums and averages.
Intermediate Excel Extend your knowledge of Excel to include more complex functions. Add "If" tests to your worksheets; Sort and filter your spreadsheet data; Use conditional formatting, subtotals and pivot charts, headers and footers,
Advanced Excel Import and Export data to other programs, and learn to use Word and Excel together. Make Excel easier by customizing your toolbars. Use templates and look up data from other spreadsheets or a database. Validate entered data to prevent bad entries.
Learn how to make an automated presentation using this simple but powerful program. Combine pictures, audio, and special effects to make entertaining and informative slide shows and other productions for business or personal use. Great tool for automatically narrating your vacation, lecture or seminar.  
Selecting and Using a Digital Camera
This class will cover digital camera hardware (cameras, batteries, memory) and the software (megapixels, resolution, features and settings) as well as you, the user. We’ll discuss how digital cameras differ from film cameras and how to take better pictures with a digital camera. You’ll learn about putting your pictures on your computer and cropping or resizing them and making other improvements. You will also learn how to email your pictures. Whether you are thinking about buying a camera, or feel as if you don’t understand well the camera you already have, this class will benefit you.
Introduction to Computer Hardware
Learn to take apart and rebuild a personal computer. You'll learn to tell a hard drive from a power supply, a stick of RAM from a cooling fan. Participants will take apart a Pentium computer and put it back together.
Internet Safety
Forewarned is forearmed. Learn to keep your children, your business and yourself safe on the Internet. Get tips and tools for defeating viruses, hackers, thieves and predators. We'll talk about where threats come from and how you can beat them.
Creating Web Pages
Learn how easy it can be to make your own web page. Participants will create a 5-page website using Microsoft Word, and learn how to put their website on the World Wide Web.
Internet for Beginners
Learn how to use your computer to access the Internet. You'll learn about browser programs such as Internet Explorer, Netscape and Firefox. Learn about web portals and search engines and some of the more useful and popular web sites on the Internet. Learn how to use the Internet for fun, work and learning. Search the net, download files, chat with friends. Discover how to keep your computer safe while doing all these things.
Email for Beginners
Learn how to set up email accounts, send and receive email and attachments, and use an address book. You'll get an introduction to email programs such as Outlook and Netscape, and how to use Webmail also. Discover how to keep your computer safe while doing all these things.  
Email & Internet
Beyond the Basics

Extend your knowledge of email and Internet use. Use email filters and learn how to archive your emails, so you don't lose important correspondence. Go beyond the basics of web surfing; with tabbed browsing, bookmarks, multiple home pages and more.